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Welcome to OurFuneralPlan.com! If you’re a first-time visitor it is likely you found us through searching the Internet. Maybe you’re looking for funeral insurance or burial insurance, or information on funeral planning.

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More and more consumers are seeking ways to ensure their families aren’t burdened with the financial responsibility for funeral and burial or cremation expenses. However, a funeral insurance or burial insurance policy may fall short of this aim because of rising costs.

We can help relieve your family of costs associated with your funeral while making certain they know your funeral and memorial wishes.

Working with our network of funeral homes, you can arrange and fund the type of funeral plan you want at the price you want to pay. Plus, we can reduce the chance of family conflict at an already stressful time because you have provided details about what you want as well as the funding to cover the cost.

This is something most advertised insurance products cannot claim.

If you’re searching for information, you’ll find it here, without a sales pitch. If you’re ready to plan and fund your funeral and final wishes, we can help you, too. Simply fill out the form at right to request more information, with no obligation, from OurFuneralPlan.com!

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